Please fill out the appropriate paperwork prior to arriving for your appointment! You will still need to provide your physical government issued photo ID when you arrive at the shop.

Piercing Appointment Terms & Conditions


Piercing appointments can be made over the phone. We do not make appointments via email. If you would like to schedule a piercing appointment, please call  617-491-4335 during business hours.  Payment is due in order to make an appointment for a piercing or jewelry changing/consultation.


Piercing fees are NON refundable. We require 24 hours notice to make changes to an appointment. Any changes made to your appointment without the 24 hours notice will result in a forfeiture of your piercing fee.


You must show up at least ten minutes early for your appointment. If you do not show up or if you are late, you will not be pierced and we will keep your piercing fee.


You MUST be 18 years of age with a valid government issued photo ID present to be pierced without parental consent. If you do not bring an ID with you, we will not make you an appointment.


We do not accept student IDs as valid form of identification.




Some piercings can be done on minors, but not all of them. Minors that are 16 years of age and up can get the following piercings if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, with proper identification: ear lobe, nostril, navel, eyebrow and outer ear cartilage(helix).

Ear cartilage (Helix only) can be done on minors age 14 and up.  As with all piercings for minors, parent/legal guardian must be present with government issued photo ID for BOTH the guardian AND the minor as well as proof of guardianship (i.e. birth certificate).

Earlobe piercings can be done on children ages 5 and up with government issued photo ID for the parent/legal guardian and birth certificate of the child. If you have any questions about required identification for piercing feel free to call the shop at (617) 491-4335.